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Grip-On Lights: The Attachable, Hands-Free, LED Flashlight

The Grip-On Attachable Flashlight from the TipSee Light Company is a handy LED flashlight with specially designed flexible grips that let you grip it onto virtually anything. The Grip-On hands-free LED flashlight fits snugly on round handles and poles, grips onto tools and fabric and lets you keep your hands free to do the task you needed the flashlight for in the first place.

Grip-On Hands-free LED Flashlights offers FREE shipping in the USA!

Changing a car fuse in the dark is a cinch with a Grip-On Hands-Free LED Flashlight on your finger!Serving wine at dusk with the help of a Hands-Free LED Grip-On Flashlight!Durability tested—the Grip-On hands-free LED Flashlight can take a beating!No more spills pouring gas into your snowblower on a cold winter night with a Grip-On Hands-Free Attachable LED Flashlight!