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Grip-On Attachable LED Flashlight TickSee Tick Removal Kit “Light the Bite” SensGard Hearing Protection Tick Ket Tick Removal Tool The Cane-Lite Attachable LED Flashlights for Canes

Grip-On Attachable Flashlights,The Original TickKey, TickSee Kit and Sensgard Hearing Protection  manufactured and distributed from the TipSee Light Company . All are designed for unique solutions to common everyday challenges. GripOn Light's flexible grips will simply snap around tools, tubing or fingers to keep both hands free. Tickkey is the only tick removal tool that doesn't touch the tick before it's being swiftly removed without leaving behind any parts or worse, any disease causing pathogens. The TickSee Kit combines TickKey, GripOn Light, Magnifier and Antiseptic Wipes for even more effective tick removal. Finally, SensGard's patented hearing protection eliminates harmful sounds while still allowing normal conversation to be heard.

All USA made and all can be private branded.

Grip-On Hands-free LED Flashlights offers FREE shipping in the USA!

Changing a car fuse in the dark is a cinch with a Grip-On Hands-Free LED Flashlight on your finger!Serving wine at dusk with the help of a Hands-Free LED Grip-On Flashlight! Durability tested—the Grip-On hands-free LED Flashlight can take a beating!No more spills pouring gas into your snowblower on a cold winter night with a Grip-On Hands-Free Attachable LED Flashlight!Woodworker using SensGard while sawing to protect hearingUntangling tackle during an evening fishing excursion using Grip-On LED Flashlight Removing a tick with the TickSee Tick Removal KitProtect your hearing at work with SensGard hearing protectors