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The Grip-On Attachable Flashlight from TipSee Light Company is a handy LED flashlight with specially designed flexible grips that let you attach it to virtually anything. The Grip-On Attachable Flashlight fits snugly on round handles and poles, grips onto tools and fabric and lets you keep both hands-free.

Buy One Light, and Get Two Hands Free!

Grip-On Attachable Flashlight

The Grip-On Attachable Flashlight from TipSee Light Company was was invented by Steve Labuzetta. Searching in vain for a flashlight that he could attach directly to the spout of his gas can instead of holding a flashlight in his teeth inspired the unique design of the Grip-On Flashlight. Now both hands are free to hold and pour gas into the tank. Now Steve has a light for his snow blower and many other people have discovered the handy Grip-On Attachable Flashlight from TipSee Light Company for all kinds of tasks made easier with an attachable, wearable, hands-free flashlight.

Steve Labuzetta, inventor of the Grip-On Attachable FlashlightTipSee Light Company owner and president, Tricia Labuzetta

TipSee Light Company

TipSee Light Company LLC was established in 2010 in Rochester, New York. It is owned by wife and husband team Tricia Labuzetta, President and Steve Labuzetta the Grip-On Attachable Flashlight inventor. They are committed to building their business in the United States with manufacturing and office headquarters in the Rochester, New York area.


TipSee Light Company is a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise - WBENC