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Original Tick Key / Mossy Oak Camo Collection

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Original Tick Key, the number one rated tick removal tool and Mossy Oak, the number one rated camo company, have joined together to launch a colorful collection of camo patterns.  Mossy Oak Tick Key will fulfill a camo lovers desire and round out a precious collection of camo patterned items. Still the same great tick grabbing tool as ever, Original Tick Key is the tool for 99.9% effective tick removal and disease prevention. Never prod, poke or squeeze an imbedded tick. It will be startled and regurgitate into the body it is attached to. Just simply place the keyhole over the protruding tick, pull the key to trap any size tick into the narrow slot and simply keep pulling along the surface. Do not lift, Original Tick Key will extract the complete tick right out, head and all, simple as that. Completely safe for people and pets, no nasty chemicals to deal with. Who knows what long term effects collars and pills will have on your precious pet.

Don't be fooled by imitaion tick keys on the market. Look for ORIGINAL stamped into the anodized aluminum Tick Key. Only it has the narrowest slot to effectively grab ANY SIZE TICK. Original Tick Key is the easiest to use tick removal device on earth.

Generally, you can find ticks where the animals they feed on live. This usually includes wooded and grassy areas. An adult tick “quests” for its next blood meal by climbing up grasses and bushes to wait for an animal to pass by. Nymphs and larvae are typically found in layers of decomposing leaves underneath trees.  Ticks carry Powassen, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis, Colorado Tick Fever, 364D rickettsiosis that they can pass on to you or your pet if not quickly and completely removed.  The Lyme disease bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi, is spread through the bite of infected ticks. Most humans are infected through the bites of immature ticks called nymphs. Always check yourself after walking outside in grassy areas. Ticks will enter through a pant leg or sleeve and move inward to the warmest body areas. Tick bourne disease symptoms aren't much different from a flu; fever, headache, muscle aches. But within 3-10 days, a rash will spread to your torso until it becomes spotted. At that point, the disease may be doing serious damage to your organs.



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